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When and how is it best to take Lipoprotect® liposomal vitamins?

Liposomal vitamins can be taken at any time, but ideally 15 minutes before or after a meal.

It is important to follow the daily dose of each vitamin – for most, we recommend a daily dose of 10 ml, which corresponds to 2 teaspoons.

You can consume and combine Lipoprotect® vitamins without problems at once or at different intervals.

What is the shelf life of liposomal vitamins?

You should consume vitamins within two months of opening them. Once opened, store in a cool environment is recommended. You can notice deposits on the bottom that are harmless – shake the bottle every time before use.

The vitamins do not contain artificial preservatives, sweeteners and flavourings and soy lecithin has not been used in their production.

You may hear a hiss when opening because nitrogen gas has been used to protect the bottle.

Do not consume liposomal vitamins if you see mould or foam on the surface or taste changes significantly. However, the sour taste is completely normal and does not mean that the vitamin is defective. Lecithin, which is harmless, can also accumulate on the surface.

Are there studies that analyzed liposomal vitamins?

Yes. In November 2017, a study was performed in a laboratory in Germany regarding the improved bioavailability of liposomal vitamin B12. Compared to high doses of tablets, it showed an increased bioavailability of about 500%.

New studies are available on request.

Liposomes are not unknown at all in medical research. On the contrary, as a means of transport of various active substances and drugs, they are subject to intensive research. Publications on the bioavailability of liposomal formulations confirm the efficacy and comparability with intravenous administration.

Analytical certificates are available on request for all relevant vitamin components. These certificates relate to the current batch and are constantly updated. In addition, substances used from other EU countries are subject to random analysis of samples by laboratories in the EU.

How are the payment process and delivery handled when buying from LUMIAN e-shop?

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